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Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogen In-Person Class

This course is available to groups of 5 or more and can be brought to your business, school, or home. This course is designed for workers in the commercial market who must receive bloodborne pathogen training per the OSHA Standard 1910.1030. In this course, students will learn how to protect themselves from bloodborne pathogens in the workplace, how to act when exposed to blood of blood-containing materials int he workplace, how to use the right steps to clean themselves and the area when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace and how to report any exposure to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace. To request information about scheduling a training, please click here, fill in all of the text fields, and press "Submit". 

Fee: $49 per person

Bloodborne Pathogen Online Course
This course is also offered fully online. Duration: 1 hour, site-specific instruction varies. AHA provides 24-hour phone support for questions pertaining to the content in this course. To enroll in this course, please click here. Bloodborne Pathogens is course #6000.
Cost for Training: $49.00

Life First Training Center Bloodborne Pathogens class
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